Erik Franzén

Erik Franzén

I have always had a great interest in sales and marketing. After high school, I started a limited company where I sold and bought old leasing cars. I ran this for six years and sold it in 2019 in search of new challenges. Then I switched to the recruitment business where I found interest in IT / technology. I am passionate about going the extra mile for my customers and employees.

What is your role at Technogarden?
I am the consulting manager in IT.

What are your foremost qualities?
Energetic, happy and adaptable. I thrive being in action. I always want the best for the customer and the candidate.

Can you tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
I have a great interest in music production. A mix of technology and good vibes always puts me in a good mood. I read about agile project management alongside the job, to really get an understanding of organizations and working methods that I encounter daily in my job.

Why do you like Technogarden?
I feels fantastic to be a part of employee-owned business where everyone works together as a team. I am surrounded by talented and driven people who help each other to become a little better all the time.

Why should I contact you?
If you want a person you can trust and count on, I’m absolutely right. I will always be there for candidates and clients. I believe in long-term relations and good service in all situations.


Phone: +46 706 50 51 19