About us

We help engineers, managers, and tech companies develop. Everyone here at Technogarden share a fascination for technology.

We are engineers or technicians. Or perhaps android developers or chemists. We live and breathe technology and innovation, and we love what we can accomplish with it. That is basically what we do for a living. That is why we are – from the inside out – a tech company.

A better day at work

Stefan Lundin CEO
Stefan Lundin, CEO Technogarden.

At Technogarden we grow together, without being mean towards ourselves or others. We have also succeeded in what is perhaps the most important thing of all, we have created structures that enable us to be a company that truly contributes in making the world a better place. Technogarden is an employee-owned company, and that makes a real difference – both in the long and short term.

About the employee-owned company and a few words from Stefan, CEO of Technogarden.

Good business

Our business goals are about creating financial growth and increasing the number of employees.

Good business

Good health

In our organisation – more than in any other organisation – it is our employees who represent the value of the company. It is important that we take care of each other.

Good health

Good earth

It becomes ever more important to ensure that we – as humans and as labour force – are sustainable over time. We take this very seriously.

Good Earth

Noor Johansson – Design & Calculation Engineer, Recruitment Candidate

“It is clear that you know your assignments and are thorough in what both companies and candidates expect from each other. I got a very good understanding for the relevant job positions, thanks to the close contact I had with my recruiter throughout the entire process.”