The Employee-Owned Company

The ownership of a company builds an important foundation for the company’s values and culture. That is why Technogarden is part of an employee-owned corporation that is jointly owned by thousands of employees.

Being part of an employee-owned corporation creates unique conditions for commitment, loyalty, and participation. The employees are proud of the organisation they represent.

Employees who have not invested in company stock also benefit from the joint ownership. Technogarden is characterised by a healthy and inclusive organisation which focuses on its employees. Together we create our mutual success.

A few words from our CEO

“It’s a fantastic privilege to lead an employee-owned business. No matter which office I visit, I meet employees who own stock in the company. The familiarity and simple contact with the employees, who are also the company’s owners, create a healthy and sustainable platform for me on which I can develop the business. In no other organisation can you create the same sense of ‘We’ and the mutual responsibility for success, than in the environment I see here at Technogarden.”

Stefan Lundin, CEO Technogarden Sweden