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Marie Ladekvist

Marie Ladekvist - consultant manager

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I am a civil engineer at heart, with a burning interest in people and creating meaningful results together with others. Curious as a person and loves meeting new people and learning new things.

5 quick questions for Marie

What is your role at Technogarden?
I am regional manager in Värmland and the surrounding area.

What are your foremost qualities?
Driven, goal-oriented, responsive and has an ability to create engagement.

Can you tell us something about yourself that not many people know?
I am a competitive person who sometimes has difficulty realizing my own limitations. For example, I have collapsed when running race because I pushed myself too hard.

Why do you like Technogarden?
It’s a fantastic workplace with wonderful co-workers. When you enjoy working together, it reflects in the excellent delivery to our customers.

Why should I contact you?
I have several years of experience of different roles in industry and skilled in finding “the perfect match” for both employers and employees.


Phone: +46 702 82 91 77